Orac Decor EU - UK and England - Luxxus series - Decorative elements


Anyone who believes that decorative elements like pilasters, columns, capitals and mantelpieces have gone out of fashion is sorely mistaken.
They are currently the most sought-after items when it comes to providing a classic interior with a reserved sense of style and elegance. However, today they can be used for much, much more.

With a combination of diverse, select style elements, you will achieve fascinating, original results with an eclectic note that provide a room with that little something extra.

Material Properties Accessories
Polyurethane rigid foam
Water-resistant and resistant to most solvents
Pre-primed, smooth matt finish to allow easy application of paint
Easy to install, can be easily cut to size
High-quality paints can be easily applied to provide UV resistance.
For abutting edges and mitre joints, Orac DecoFix Extra (FX200 and FX210) should be used.To adhere profiles to ceilings and walls, Orac DecoFix Pro (FDP500 and FDP600) should be used. For exterior applications and damp environments (swimming pools, saunas, etc.), DecoFix Hydro (FDP700) should be used instead of DecoFix Pro. The adhesive is available separately.
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