ORAC nv/sa, a family business, is the leading European manufacturer of innovative decorative synthetic coving, mouldings and ornaments.
For over 40 years, the company has been manufacturing high-quality products that are long-lasting, lightweight and easy to install. The extensive and complete collections range from stylish skirting, wainscoting, panel and cornice mouldings to innovative cove lighting and distinctive architraves, pilasters and rosettes.

Decorative and functional mouldings give rooms the look that every decorator wants to achieve. Welcome to the inspiring world of Orac Decor®.

Why buy Orac Decor®?

  • High-quality products for the ultimate interior finish
  • Quick and easy to install and can be painted immediately
  • Extensive collections to suit every taste, style and budget
  • A wealth of inspiring ideas and innovative applications
  • Preferred and recommended by professionals

Orac Decor EU - UK and England - Luxxus series - Decorative and functional mouldings


The Luxxus series is currently the most comprehensive collection offered by ORAC DECOR®
From luxury profiles to columns and mantelpieces, everyone will find the perfect embellishment for the home of their dreams. Stucco mouldings are both timeless and elegant and will never go out of fashion

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Orac Decor EU - UK and England - Axxent series - Decorative and functional mouldings


The high-quality decorative mouldings (stucco mouldings) from the Axxent collection provide an alternative to genuine stucco. The collection is inexpensive and easy to fit, without sacrificing quality. Skirting boards, wainscoting, cornice mouldings, multifunctional profiles and door frames provide almost endless possibilities.

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Orac Decor EU - UK and England -Basixx series - Decorative and functional mouldings


Young, dynamic and distinctive – the Basixx collection from Orac Decor. This series is both modern and classic, and demonstrates that quality does not have to be expensive. Embellish your four walls with these special cornice and panel mouldings.

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Orac Decor EU - UK and England - Ulf Moritz series - Decorative and functional mouldings

Ulf Moritz

Art meets stucco, stucco meets design. Ulf Moritz is a visionary – a creator of spaces who exudes pure joie de vivre. Orac Decor now offers the opportunity to enjoy this artist’s work every day. Design your living space with profiles, ornaments and lighting profiles by Ulf Moritz

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Orac Decor EU - UK and England - Flex series - Decorative and functional mouldings


Many of the cornice mouldings, wainscoting and skirting boards from the Orac Decor Luxxus and Axxent collections are also available in a flexible variant called Orac Flex.
The flexibility of these stucco mouldings means it is now possible to embellish curves and provide a completely new impression.